First of all - thank you for being here. Let me introduce myself! 

I'm a self taught photographer since ten years now, who's living in a house boat in Stockholm, Sweden. My passion is to capture a story - either through writing or photography.


I am studying journalism and media production and working as a freelance photographer and journalist. Most of my time goes to my photo project Tuggmotstånd, where I try to catch the beauty of different bodies. I am also doing events, weddings, portraits and campaign photography, and this years have I been working with costumers as Rockbjörnen, Wolt, Understatement Underwear, KOLLA, Hermine Hold, Sveriges Radio and Barometern. 

My story started ten years ago when I first got my aunts old camera. It was an analog one and broken since many years back. Today I can finally live my dream and it's all thanks to all the people I've met thorugh the years who have supported me more than I've could have ever dreamed of - and for that I am always thankful. 

I can barely wait to see what the rest of this book called life holds for me - and you are more than welcome to join this journey. <3 

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